• The right to use of the designatory letters depending on your grade of membership A.iswog  for Associate, M.iswog for Full member and  F.iswog  for Fellow
  • Right of conferment with membership status, certificate of membership, to participate in institute’s activities as it may warrant
  • Right to freely receive the Institute’s journals and other publications which are of interest to members (if  and when published).
  • Right to vote and be voted for during elections as approved by the council.
  • Right to use institute’s library.
  • Any other rights and benefits, accruable and be determined fit by the council.

Members’  obligations  ( to the Institute)

  • Payment of all dues payable without delay.
  • A  worthy ambassador: avoid defamatory statements or attitudes inimical to progress of the Institute.
  • Uphold at all times integrity of the institute’s mandates, visions and objectives.
  • Update knowledge and skills through attendance of Institute’s seminars, workshops and conferences.

Act in conformity with policies issued by the institute for the benefit of members