The Profession:

Social work profession is a glorious discipline that offers various assistance to address social and psychological  needs of persons in stressful situations, helping them to find resources and services. Social worker work in variety of places including hospitals, senior homes, community services, and government organizations, also work closely with individuals, families and communities to help guide through life’s challenges.

Geriatric Social Worker:

Geriatric social worker also referred to as geriatric care managers are professional social worker  with an enriched training in senior health management skills, they possesses great skills and expertise in aging care issues, end-of-life-care, elder care nursing home and assisted living.

The Institute:

The Institute for Social Work and Geriatrics Studies is committed to developing the work force of social workers to meet  current challenges of a growing and changing population of older people through innovative training, educational programs ,researches,creating platform for both local / International networking and possible employment.

Established under CAMA 1990, approved by Federal Ministry of Education, ministry of Justice and other accrediting bodies,the Institute educate, promote and teach the Art science of  geriatric social work,serves as Consultant, Adviser, Analyzing social environment and given expert advice where/when necessary.


  • Our mission is to T.I.M.E.S


We AIM at:

Bringing together all strata of the society and those who have demystified themselves in professional practice, building capacities and enhancing with latest information relevant to the practice .

To develop the Professional and Technical expertise, through dedication to true professionalism, humanitarian efforts, educational advancement, corporation and understanding.

To provide good governance, welfare and direction for all its members on the principles of equity, fairness and due process and for the purpose of enhancing the overall development of the institute.

To develop a formidable Institution; as catalyst and change agent in social work environment relevant globally.


  • Capacity building and Conferencing
  • Certification (through Direct Membership Admission and Examination)
  • Research and Educational Training
  • Networking