The Governing Council is the executive organ of the Institute, saddled with management functions, the compositions are:

The President/Chairman of Council

Vice President

Director General/Chief Executive Officer

Registrar/Secretary of Council

Members of various Committees

Members of the Governing board

Powers/functions of the Council:

The Council shall have power to do anything in its opinion to facilitate the carrying on of the activities of the Institute.

(a) Representing the Institute locally and internationally in all matters concerning the Institute;

(b) Acting in the best interest of the Institute at all times;

(c) Ensuring the products offered by the Institute are of good quality and of high professional standards;

(d) Admitting and keeping a comprehensive data base of new and existing members of the Institute;

(e) purchasing, selling, building, leasing, mortgaging or exchanging of any property or land on behalf of the Institute;

(f) Issuing of awards, certificates, recognition in whatever form or method to deserving members of the Institute;

(g) Convening annual general meetings and all such other meeting as the Council may deem fit;

(h) Determining the policy thrust and functions to be carried out by the Institute from time to time;

(i) Considering the audited statement of accounts of the Institute and the auditors comments thereon;

(j) conducting elections into the membership of the Council, appointing and re-  appointing such officers as are stipulated in this Act and employing the staff of the Council as are necessary to assist the Director General in the exercise of his functions under this Act;

(k) Removal of members of the Council, other than ex-officio members, and other officers of the Institute in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the Bye-laws of the Institute;

(L) Determining the remunerations and conditions of service of employees of the Institute;

(m) Appointing external auditors for the purpose of carrying out annual comprehensive audit of the financial records of the Institute as and when due; and

(n) Constituting committees to carry out stipulated functions for the Council as the Council may deem fit.