To provide training services and to engage in research and development of the results thereof for workable data

To ensure a professional status necessary to promote and encourage the study and development of the Art and Science of geriatric social work.

To organize, arrange, promote and sponsor lectures, seminars ,symposia and workshops for the exchange and dissemination of information in the field of social work and geriatric studies

To submit memoranda and forward advisory options to the three tiers of government and the public on any matter of geriatric social work.

To admit members through standard examinations and practical experience relevant to the profession and issue certificate of merit on the result thereof as well as give awards as desirable, provide opportunities for social and professional relationships amongst members of the institute.

To bring all geriatricians and social workers  and persons seeking to become members of the profession under one umbrella, foster the advancement of geriatric social work in Nigeria and globally through monitoring, study and analysis.

To regulate professional conduct as well as discipline erring members

Globalization of the Institute

Networking of our members and the institute is pivotal to the success of our profession, as such the governing board is making frantic effort to make our dear Institute relevant across the globe.