Collaboration of CAFA & ISWOG

The Grand Alliance...

CAFA (Care for the Aged Initiative) a non- governmental, non-profit oriented organisation, passionate about providing relief to the elderly persons  in our society, who by one reason or  the other  are not able to cater for their specific needs , due to any form of incapacitation i.e finance , social, physiological etc, to alleviate belief  of many  that elderly individuals are worthless, irrelevant, non-contributory and tagged dependants in our current globalised industrial world. Against these background, the initiative becomes relevant to provide Care, Succour, Medicare , Assistance, Protection, Voice and build a niche for the Aged in the society especially those without means or sources of livelihood

Vision/ Mission

To provide relief for the aged, weak and needy

 Our proposed programs:

  1. Empowerment/Investment scheme  (Training school for work force & retired but not tired elderly)
  2. Medicare/Counselling scheme          (Nursing home for Care of the Elderly)
  3. Housing (Rent/Mortgage)scheme
  4. Advocacy/Rehabilitation services

 The Collaboration:

The institute (ISWOG) is a training arm of CAFA, genuinely established  to develop and prepare the geriatric social workforce in meeting up with the current growing and changing population of older people in the society via innovative training etc.

Partnership Call:

Aging is inevitable, unavoidable and certain, everyone will aged someday.  Therefore, we are making this genuine call to kind hearted and meaningful personalities to help with their skills, services, expertises, prayers, resources and ingenuities in sustaining this lofty ideas, goals and objectives to provide for the frails and elderly in our society.